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Thank you for visiting Sahlah platform Accessing and using this platform means that you accept to be legally ‎bound by the following Terms of Use: If you do not accept these Terms of Use, please do ‎not use this platform.‎


1-These Terms of Use are likely to be occasionally changed. Changes will be posted on this page. Your use of this platform after such changes ‎have been posted will constitute your agreement to the modified Terms of Use and all ‎other changes.‎

Proprietary Rights

2-The materials on this platform, including information and software ‎‎(the contents), are protected by copyright, trademarks, and other forms of proprietary ‎rights. All proprietary rights and usufruct to the contents of this platform are owned by, Sahlah. Licensed by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency to test its innovative products in a sandbox environment.

Constraints On Material Usage

3-Unless otherwise is provided, the contents of this platform may not be reproduced, ‎republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way, ‎without a prior written consent from Company.‎

4-Any modification to the contents of the platform or usage of this content for any other reasons is a breach to the copyrights and other proprietary rights owned by Sahlah. All pictures and graphs published on the platform are under protection by virtue of copyrights and they may not be reproduced or published in any way without having a prior written permission from Sahlah.

Disclaimer of Guarantees And Compensation

5-The Contents of the platform of Sahlah are provided on an “as is” basis without warranties of any ‎kind. Salah does not provide any guarantees in accordance with the law and hereby Sahlah does not guarantee the following:
The continuity and correctness of the content and services provided through the platform.

6-Sahlah is not legally responsible for any loss or damage resulting (directly or indirectly) from using the platform, including but not limited to the loss or damage resulting from depending on the content integrated or provided on the platform.

Right Of Access

7-Sahlah retains the right to prohibit or constrain access to the platform or ban accessing the platform through any link at any time and without stating reasons.

Links In Sahlah Platform To Other Websites

8-The platform contains links to websites which are not affiliated to Sahlah and Sahlah is not responsible for the content of these websites or any damage or loss resulting from browsing them. Using the links and browsing other websites is the responsibility of the user.

9-Links to other websites are provided for convenience.‎ Under no circumstances is Sahlah considered to be associated or affiliated with any ‎trade or service marks, insignia, distinctive marks, or logos used or appearing on websites ‎to which Sahlah platform is linked.

Links To Sahlah Platform In Other Websites

10-By way of exception from the cases set forth below, creating any links, apparent or hidden, to the platform or transferring any part ‎of the contents is prohibited.‎

11-There must be a prior permission from Sahlah preceding the creation of any links to the official Sahlah platform, transferring any part of the contents, or participating in any similar activities. Sahlah retains the right to lay down conditions for allowing the creation of links to the platform or transferring any part of the contents.

12-Creation of links to Sahlah platform of or transferring any part of the contents constitutes ‎acceptance of these Terms of Use‎. This acceptance remains valid even after posting any changes or modifications ‎to these Terms of Use. If you do not accept these Terms of Use, you must discontinue ‎creating links to Sahlah platform or transferring any part of the contents.‎

13-Under no circumstances is Sahlah considered to be associated or affiliated in any way with any trade or service marks, insignia, distinctive marks, or logs used or appearing on web sites that are linked to this platform or any of the contents.

14-Sahlah retains the full right to prohibit creating any links or transferring the content to any website containing inappropriate, violating, contravening, shaming, or demeaning content; containing illegal subjects, names, materials, or information; or containing material or information violating a written law, proprietary rights, intellectual property, privacy policy or publishing rights.

15-Sahlah retains the right to prevent any unauthorized creation of links or transfer of parts of the contents from the platform. Sahlah is not liable for any content on other websites logged on by the user through the links on Sahlah platform.

Governing Law

16-These Terms of Use are governed and construed in accordance with the provisions of the laws of KSA.



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