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We all strive to find distinctive investment methods to grow our money and achieve profits, but we fear risk. Here, we invite you to discover an innovative and unconventional investment method in contributing to SMEs’ investment with a profitable return.

Investment opportunities worth to contribute

Comfortable, safe and profitable

You must know first that investing money is of great importance in influencing societies and then individuals and establishments. The importance of investment is to increase local production opportunities in the country, which is also one of the most important factors responsible for economic development in the world. Investment supports entrepreneurship by providing financial support for new ideas, and personally, it helps you to grow and increase your money.

Building wealth with the lowest costs


Individual investors

The minimum investment starts from 1,000 to 10,000 SAR

With a profit margin ranging from 6% -18%, according to the company’s credit rating

With a repayment period of up to 48 months

Be Smart

Investing in crowdfunding platforms is a high risk and we are working on an easy way to reduce these risks by using financial technology to assess the risks

We value our customers trust

For this we do not accept offering investment opportunities to companies that do not have good financial solvency, and with a documented credit rating that makes it easier for you to make an investment decision with confidence and safety.

We are committed to the provisions of Islamic Sharia

We are keen on ensuring that our financing solutions are in line with the provisions of Islamic Sharia and we work with experts and specialists in Islamic finance provisions to create a structure that ensures compliance with all stages of financing the bills that we provide to the Sharia.

One of the most important conditions for our acceptance of SME financing as an investment opportunity is that its commercial and financial activities are in line with the principles and provisions of Islamic Sharia.

Murabaha is one of the types of legitimate sales in Islamic jurisprudence in general, and it is also one of the financing tools of financial institutions that provide products compatible with the Sharia, and murabaha in the language is taken from the profit, which is the increase or return. In the term jurists is a sale of a commodity at a price that includes the cost of the commodity to the merchant plus a known profit.

Financing bills in accordance to the provisions of Islamic Sharia

It is a transaction that aims to provide short-term financing to the customer against the cost plus a profit basis to help them obtain financial liquidity and provides financing on a deferred payment basis, so that the platform provides Murabaha financing to the borrower that represents up to 80% of the specific bill

You can start using our platform now by filling in your details, creating your profile, and starting to browse the investment opportunities that have been proposed by Sahlah, choosing the best for you to invest in.

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In Sahlah, the risk assessment stage is one of the crucial stages in which the financing decision is approved. We pay great attention to the inclusion of qualified SMEs that have met the most important criteria, such as the duration of business and income growth, sector type and competitiveness in it, financial statements, as well as the strength of team management.



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