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The Mechanism of Bill Funding

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After completing the bill financing amount, it will be transferred to your bank account


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Our credit team will easily review all submitted financing requests, and then approve creditworthy facilities on the platform.


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Financing Bill - The simplest way to free up the cash held in your due invoices. Thousands of companies across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia use billing financing to maintain a sound financial condition. It will help you to provide cash advance on your unpaid invoices in order to regain control of the cash flow of your business, and to monitor the continued growth of your business without any hindrances.

Sahlah Features

Financial flow

Immediate access to financial liquidity to track the growth of your business

Instant Payment

All payments are controlled automatically

Credit Engine

A credit rating engine for different severity levels

Islamic Law

We are keen on ensuring that our financing solutions are in line with Islamic law

The platform is supported by blockchain technology

Funding contracts are subject to blockchain technology so that you can keep them from adjusting or changing with careful auditing, making your investment safe

All transactions are completely digital

All transaction procedures are done digitally, without the need for a paperwork routine


It is easily authorized by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency to test its innovative products in the experimental environment

Work mechanism inside the platform

Easy and flexible steps you can easily manage your accounts

Verification for SMEs

The identity of small and medium enterprises is verified upon registration to the platform


Bill Financing allows you to release cash that is currently held in forward billing. So instead of waiting for the deferred invoice to be due, a finance bill can save up to 80% of the invoice value in advance within 72 hours after the investor financing amount is completed.

This mechanism is what is known as bill financing.

Our financial advisors understand in an Sahlah platform the financial challenges they face, so they have developed solutions to boost your business growth and ensure you reach new sales levels.

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At Sahlah, our financial advisors are aware of these financial challenges that these companies face, and they have concluded financial solutions that will boost your growth and ensure you reach



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