Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is crowdfunding or peer-to-peer lending?

    It is direct borrowing from the investor without the need for a broker in accordance with Islamic Sharia and in accordance with the regulations and regulations of the Saudi Monetary Agency.

  • What is billing financing?

    It is a method whereby SMEs can obtain financing for their future sales invoices

  • What is the benefit of financing bills?

    Helping the small and medium enterprises to end their financial crises and enabling them to complete the rotation of their business wheel

  • Is Sahlah platform committed to Islamic law?

    We at Sahlah platform are keen on ensuring that our financing solutions are in line with the provisions of Islamic Sharia and we work with experts and specialists in Islamic finance provisions to create a structure that ensures compliance with all stages of financing bills that we provide in accordance with Islamic Sharia

  • What are the advantages of Sahlah platform?

    easy managing the account through the distinctive platform icons Safe investment through financial analysis algorithms to ensure investment returns Immediate access to money to boost business growth whenever demand matches regulations and rules Its easy credit engine has lower risk levels

  • How does Salah platform work?

    We will be the link between individual investors or institutions looking for profitable investment by financing approved SMEs.

  • Is billing financing on an easy, long-term or short-term platform?

    Short-term billing financing

  • What are the bills funded by Sahlah platform?

    What are the bills funded by the Sahlah platform, all new future bills for SMEs in all activities and sectors in Saudi Arabia funded by the platform?

  • What are the categories that can request funding?

    Small and medium enterprises based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have a valid commercial record. They have financial statements for at least two years, an action plan that explains the business strategy and growth schedule.

  • What are the documents required for borrow to small and medium enterprises?

    Fill out a financing request form
    A copy of the ID of the owner of the company or organization
    The commercial registration is valid
    Incorporation contract for companies and partner decisions
    Company profile
    The last 3 audited budgets for the company or organization
    A copy of the forward invoice
    Minimum one full year of operation date
    The minimum revenue is 2,000,000 SAR

  • What is the maximum funding limit?

    The maximum financing limit is SAR 2,000,000

  • Who can invest?

    Any citizen or resident over age 18 who has a national or resident identity and has alocal bank account

  • Can I cancel my investment?

    Yes, you can cancel your investment as long as the financing request has not been closed, and if it is closed, you cannot cancel your investment

  • How to access the investment opportunities available on the platform?

    You must first complete the registration process as an investor and then log in to the platform, then you can browse all available opportunities or you will receive a periodic newsletter via e-mail.

  • Are there administrative fees?

    Yes, and it is determined after the credit study

  • How is the funding requests listed on the platform evaluated?

    Sahla platform relies on its own system for assessing the credit status of each opportunity through its dependence on the credit rating approved for companies by Bayan Credit Information and the Saudi Credit Information Company (SAMAH), then we internally analyze all potential risks in each investment, and accordingly, acceptance or Refusal of the funding request,



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