Our commitment to our clients is based on:
  • A business policy that values the time and satisfaction of clients.
  • Absolute transparency with regards to costs and fees.
  • Financial advisors who understand the needs of each client.
  • Various financing solutions ensure that the client gets the optimum
  • solution and the highest value.

Bills fund

For SMEs owners, 4 easy steps to fulfill your dream

Request your financing on Sahlah platform

Initial approval is given after completing the approval steps for the funding.

Get your financing

Once your application is approved, you will receive the financing amount in your bank account .

Study your request

Our experts study your application thoroughly with a risk assessment

Pay off

Payment is made according to the contract and completed within a maximum period of 48 months

Important information you must know before starting to apply for funding

Under your responsibility

Any financing proposal made by Sahlah platform is final and binding. If you are still doubtful or need clarity for any funding request, you should seek independent financial advice before submitting or moving forward with the financing.

Give confidence

Gaining the trust of our client is our priority, so we strive to provide all facilities starting with flexible payment plans without affecting your business. That makes it easy for you to pay on time, without compromising your company’s reputation for any damage that might occur due to late payment.

Reliable and certified credit rating

Sahlah platform relies on its system for assessing the credit status of each opportunity through its dependence on the credit rating approved for companies by Bayan Credit Bureau and Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH). We then internally analyze all potential risks in each investment, and accordingly, accept or refuse the finance request. For example, if the company’s classification is within the acceptable risk range, the request will be accepted and displayed on the platform. If the risk is high, the request will be rejected and not presented to the funders.

Crowd-lending under the provisions of the Islamic Sharia

It is a transaction that aims to provide short-term financing to the client against the cost plus a profit basis to help them obtain cash liquidity.It also provides funding based on deferred payment, so that the platform to provide Murabaha financing to the borrower system represents a rate of up to 80% of the invoice specified

  • What is the purpose of crowdlending?

    The crowdlending approach relies on providing individuals with the opportunity to finance SMEs that need financing to start their projects. Its aim is not only to address the lack of liquidity of SMEs, but also to the participation of individuals in the financing process and to obtain new returns that encourage them to save to invest.

  • Global spread

    The idea rapidly spread worldwide, as the numbers indicate that the crowdlending market in China grew by more than 5000%, increasing in 2013 from $4 billion to $156 billion in 2016.

  • What is the process of crowdlending by debt?

    When a company applies to request crowdfunding on Sahlah, our experts study the financing request to pay up to 80% of the bills for the main business of the establishment and the work of comprehensive credit analysis and risk assessment. Once it is approved, the platform offers it to investors, and financiers contribute until the specified amount completed and the opportunity is closed. According to the specified period, and the profit margin agreed to in the contract, the capital is distributed to the investors in addition to the returns.



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