The Sahlah platform is designed to finance crowdfunding bills by debt, which is authorized by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority SAMA through the legislative experimental environment. Sahlah is working to link the SMEs that seek to finance directly with the financiers who want to finance the growth of these establishments against competitive Murabaha returns . Sahlah’s vision is in line with the 2030 vision of Saudi Arabia, which is to improve the business environment in Saudi, enhance investment opportunities, and increase job opportunities .

Our strength lies in our strategy

Sahlah's strategy focuses on productivity, efficiency, innovation, creative marketing, and the ability to optimally utilize established policies and procedures. To ensure quality and speed of performance, Sahlah pursues proper and effective procedures for all products and services. We trust in our ability to achieve the best-desired results.

Market challenges

At Sahlah, our financial advisors are aware of the financial challenges they face, and they have developed business solutions that will boost your growth and ensure that you reach new sales levels.

Beyond traditional investment

In the past ten years, we have seen rapid growth in the number of SMEs. Certainly, every SME will need financial assistance at some point. Still, most are reluctant to request from traditional financing places because of paperwork hassles, and long periods of treatment, and high-interest rates.

How does The Sahlah platform work?

Investors (the funders)

An opportunity for individuals and institutions to finance an unlimited number of small establishments that seek to finance their projects and risks reduced through the

Sahlah platform (the mediator)

The Sahlah team will provide an easy review of all funding requests submitted, and then assess the individuals' or facilities' creditworthiness in the platform, after which they sent to finance the facilities. According to outstanding invoices, the entity will repay within the timeline specified in the contract with Murabaha returns. Then, transferring the capital and profits to all individuals and institutions who invest in financing this facility

SME's (seeking financing)

You will be able to finance your cash flow needs more quickly and easily. It will reflect on increasing the chances of success and growth, making Sahlah your partner in success if Allah wills.

(طالبي التمويل)

We will be the link between individual investors or institutions looking for the profitable investment of financing



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